What’s Smile Genius

    Smile Genius is a dental platform that offers tools and services for clear aligner treatment and orthodontic care. It helps dental professionals plan and manage personalized treatment, enables patients to track progress, and enhances communication between both parties. Smile Genius utilizes advanced technology like 3D modeling and AI to optimize treatment plans and strives to improve the overall orthodontic experience.


    A Peek into
    My Journey....

    The Smile Genius UX project began with a spark of inspiration. As a UX designer, I am excited to take you through this project, which revolves around designing a user-centric website for Smile Genius, an innovative dental technology platform.

    Delving into the Issue

    I wanted to create a website that effectively bridges the gap between dental professionals , patients and bussiness aggregator increasing the conversion rate to onboard customers onto the Smile Genius platform. Mission is to visually represent this connection through an exceptional user experience, ensuring that users readily engage with Smile Genius and reap its benefits.

    With a cup full of
    idea and a mind full
    of thoughts,

    With a cup full of
    idea and a mind full of thoughts,

    The team is geared up to tackle the task of crafting a website that mirrors the innovation and dedication of Smile Genius. Our mission is to design an intuitive, informative, and engaging platform that elevates the orthodontic experience for both dental professionals and patients.


    How I approached
    this project.



    I started by researching dental technology and clear aligner treatments. I studied the industry, including competitors, and interviewed potential users to understand their needs and challenges in orthodontic care.



    I turned research insights into clear goals, collaborating closely with the Smile Genius team to align our efforts and achieve our objectives.



    In the project's progression, I worked closely with users to create high-fidelity mockups featuring user-friendly interfaces. With iterative design and feedback from the Smile Genius team and users, we crafted a user-centric platform aiming to enhance orthodontic care efficiency and accessibility.


    The Problem in this

    The Problem in this industry

    Globally 85% of world population could need an orthodontic treatment, but only 1% could access it. Currently not enough dentists do these orthodontic treatments and most refer patients to orthodontists, who have limited access and charge 3-4x than a general dentist. The new clinics/businesses that have started offering clear aligner services, have to use 6-7 platforms, spend thousands of $$ on building internal tools which incurs costs and delays their time to market.

    Why there is need of a platform like Smile Genius

    No end-to-end software exists for the category for new businesses

    Businesses wasting funds and time to market to reinvent the wheel when it comes to workflow software

    Big Companies (Invisalign and Clear) investing hugely in digital workflows

    User Problem

    Daniel is struggling with managing all the different platforms like Zoom, Lab Portal, scanning machines etc managing patient which are time consuming juggle manage the manufacture of the product, the time-consuming aligner process with patients.


    Kelsey finds it difficult to juggle between multiple software programs to perform her clinic tasks.
Time consuming manually check and send reminder.
Problems with dentist 


    Brianna is a 25-year-old bank Manager living in Dublin. She is single and it is very important to maintain health while working and its very important to get the correct doctor but sometime its lacks transparence and to understand the treatment process.

    - Patient

    Difficulty reaching the right decision-makers: Dental practices and labs may be small businesses with limited resources, and it can be difficult to identify and connect with the right person who is responsible for making purchasing decisions.
Resistance to change: Dental practices and labs may be resistant to trying new products or services, and may be more likely to stick with what they have used in the past.
Limited time: Dental practices and labs may be busy with patients and have limited time to evaluate new products or services.
Lack of trust: Dental practices and labs may be hesitant to trust a new company, especially if they don't have a solid reputation in the industry.



    Started Conceptualizing the 

    Following my initial research, which encompassed data processing and result analysis, I directed my efforts towards specific areas of interest. Employing various ideation methods, I delved into the exploration and generation of insights based on the research, ultimately formulating ideas for the website's user flow, information architecture, and style.

    User Flow

    User flows to show how typically a user goes through in order to complete the common task.


    Style guide and Low Fidelity


    Typographic hierarchy system based oh human interface guideliness. Aesthtic from while keeping text legibility, prioritize content and emphasize important information.







    ExtraBold Roman


    Regular Roman


    Login Heading

    ExtraBold Roman

    24 px

    Spacing - 0

    The quick brown fox jamping
    over the lazy dog

    Lable input

    Bold Roman

    Spacing - 0

    Color palette

    Balanced palette based on 60-30-10 Rule.Additionaly grayscale with subtle blue tone for UI elements and alerts set for the most important actions.











    Low Fidelity

    Home Screen
    Product Screen
    Solution Screen


    Website screens

    The homepage of Smile Genius is designed to introduce visitors to their dental workflow platform. It emphasizes benefits, showcases solutions for different users, includes testimonials, and offers ways to learn more through calls to action and footer links.

    Solution Screen

    This page explains three main solutions offered by Smile Genius:

    1. Digital Workflow for Dentists: Helps dentists start clear aligner services, saving time and increasing income.

    2. Digital Workflow for Aligner Businesses: Offers a comprehensive digital platform for clear aligner businesses to streamline operations and scale.

    3. Case Management Solution for Labs: Provides labs with a ready-made case management system to connect with clinics and businesses.

    Each solution comes with benefits and the option to customize branding.

    Product Screen

    The product page on Smile Genius features three main offerings:

    1. Remote Monitoring App:Keeps patients on track, reduces in-clinic visits, and updates progress. For clinics, DSOs, and clear aligner businesses.

    2. Doctor's Portal: Comprehensive platform for clinics and businesses, with online payments and resources. Improves treatment success and patient experience.

    3. Lab Platform: Designed for clear aligner labs, streamlining case management. Allows labs to focus on manufacturing and sales. Supports scanning and manufacturing labs.

    Email Template

    Patient Email Template

    Clinic Email Template

    Lab Email Template

    Patient Portal


    So, what did I learn?

    1. Collaboration: Collaboration was central to our operations at SmileTech. I worked closely with cross-functional teams on website redesign and dentist portal development.

    2. Effective Teamwork: Regular brainstorming and design reviews fostered a culture of idea sharing and collective expertise.

    3. Agile Proficiency: As a Scrum Master, I ensured our team stayed focused on goals and adapted to changing priorities.

    4. Meeting Deadlines: Through teamwork and Agile methods, we consistently met or exceeded project deadlines.

    5. Startup Insights: My time in the startup environment expanded my skill set and provided insights into entrepreneurial dynamics, rapid iteration, and strategic decision-making.

    And that’s all from my side.

    Thanks for checking this out.