What’s 360 cars

This applications helps to get better visualization of the car using AR feature (detailed 3D models, side-by-side comparisons between two or more cars) and connect to the dealer directly.

Time Line – 1 month. Mobile UI|UX Design 


It’s all started

It was difficult for me to manage and talk to people while planning to buy a car during these times because showrooms were closed, so for the experience it does not know how the car looks and feels from interior and exterior just through broacher and also as not having a good knowledge in car it was difficult to understand the key terms and comparison which one is better and why.

I wanted to address

The better experience of of viewing car for the new users and who does not have any knowledge in car and provide more better comparison so that it will be easy to understand and give better idea which one they have to buy according to their needs

With a cup full of
idea and a mind full
of thoughts,

It decided to build something, that help user to give better experience while looking for a car to buy and help them better in understanding with the car comparison.


How I approached
this project.

Make the process of car-buying fun and interactive. Leveraging AR technology, we built an engaging experience that allows users to interact with the product while providing access to accurate information in an easy to consume format.



I explored potential solutions, evaluated potential competitors, and interviewed potential users to learn about their habits, needs, and frustrations.



I turned everything I learned from my exploration into actionable goals in order to solidify the opportunities that can be fulfilled in order to achieve the desired result.



I let my imagination run wild while working with some potential users to create high-fidelity mockups of the solution.


What are the areas where
user face issue

The main thing I have to understand why user get confused while buying a cars and who are the major age group who buy cars and what is the most important aspect they look in car.

I started by understanding secondary research and quantitative analysis

Online Survey


• Budget is important that people consider.

• There are a lot of middle-class buyers and most of them are new buyers and they don’t know about the technical terms for the engine, tire width etc.

• Most of the people to compare between 2 cars online and gets confused as they are bombarded with the technical terms.

• Most people are looking for budget cars with good mileage and performance and consider insurance.

• Maximum people looking to compare are young professionals and first-time buyers

Lets understand user perspective.

Based on the interviews and surveys results, and analysing the patterns in users perceptions and tasks and aggregated in the findings in the form of the persona. The key insight i found the user majorly faced are-

Lack of knowledge: Many users may not have extensive knowledge of cars, making it difficult for them to understand key terms and functionalities, as well as compare different models.

Overwhelming amount of information: With so many car models and features available, users may feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information they need to sift through in order to make an informed decision.

Difficulty in comparing different cars: It can be challenging to compare different cars, especially when it comes to features and pricing, and users may find it difficult to determine which model offers the best value for their needs.

Empathy Map

Empathy map has been created to understand the targeted users. It identified the things on the basis of the interviews and the talks about the user Rajat and his mental model.

Linking opportunities to design goals.


How I started Planning.

I took the challenge by the horns and approached it with my signature blend of creative flair and a bit of last-minute pressure, resulting in an inspired creation that defied expectations.

User Flow

User flows to show how typically a user goes through in order to complete the common task.

low fidelity and style guide

Final Design

And finally,
say hello to 360° CARS

Splash screen & Onboarding

Before the users see the default page of the 360° Cars app, They will be led through the onboarding process and are given the freedom to skip if they don't want to go through it. Users can log in using Google and Facebook to make it efficient.


Home screen greets the users with an organised card style interface which gives the user the necesarry information of invidual car and can compare a car right away with the help of the compare button. The interface is know to the users as they have been using similar kind of applications.


The compare feature has a visual representation of the two cars and also helps the users to edit the preffered car, if they feel they want to change the comparisons.

Interactive Experience

360° View

360° feature allows user to experience the product from different angles and magnifications.

AR View

The AR feature helps the users experience is a fresh and a new approach to purchasing cars.

Book a phone call

Talk to the dealer

Booking a call helps the users to talk to experts and align a meeting and take a test drive of their dream car!


So, what did I learn?

The wins and fails. The integration of AR technology into the car selection process provides users with an immersive and engaging experience, along with detailed 3D models and side-by-side comparisons of different cars. Allowing users to connect directly with dealers is another positive aspect. However, technical difficulties with the AR feature, limited availability of devices, and user preference for physical test drives may limit the effectiveness of the feature.

Way forward. To enhance the user experience, conducting in-depth usability testing, incorporating user feedback, collaborating with dealerships, and exploring additional features are essential. Identifying pain points and making improvements to the AR feature and user interface will improve the overall user experience. Collaborating with car dealerships will provide users with a more comprehensive car buying experience, while exploring additional features such as virtual test drives or personalized recommendations based on user preferences and budget will enhance the overall user experience.

And that’s all from my side.

Thanks for checking this out.

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