Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Project: Plaza Premium Group (PPG) End-to-End Digital Platform


Please note that due to non-disclosure agreement (NDA) constraints, I'm unable to showcase detailed visuals or proprietary information regarding this project. However, I can provide a comprehensive overview of my contributions.

In my previous role at TCS, I was part of a dedicated team entrusted with designing and implementing innovative B2B enterprise solutions for Plaza Premium Group (PPG), a global airport hospitality services provider based in Hong Kong SAR. Our collaboration aimed to revolutionize the airport travel experience by reimagining customer and employee interactions while enhancing operational efficiency across PPG's 70 airport locations serving 20 million passengers annually.

Key Contributions:

Roster Module Development:

Spearheaded the development of a robust Roster Module, enabling seamless management of employee schedules and shifts. Empowered users to upload rosters, visualize scheduled shifts, and efficiently manage workforce distribution across different shifts throughout the day.

Daily Job Management Module Design:*

Designed and implemented the Daily Job Management module, facilitating real-time tracking of on-day tasks and services. Provided insights into task assignments, task statuses, and empowered users to filter and organize tasks based on specific criteria.

Reports and Dashboards Creation:

Orchestrated the creation of comprehensive Reports and Dashboards, offering users intuitive visualizations and actionable insights. Customizable reports provided detailed analytics on service volume, booking summaries, staff utilization, and roster summaries.

End-to-End Passenger Services Technology Platform:

Did the strategic planning and execution of an end-to-end Passenger Services Technology Platform, adhering to agile methodologies. Worked on all project phases from resource onboarding to client delivery, ensuring seamless integration and functionality across variousĀ modules.